I used to use NR, but I skipped two month and decided to get back on it... so I followed the directions and put it in on the first day of my period (which i've done several times before)... it seemed as though I had a regular menstrual cycle (which usually last about 5 days), but after the 5th day I was still bleeding... but this was really dark blood- this didn't bother me bc I know it happens... but it's continued to happen, its not much, just enough to fill up my panty liner but it's been going on for 10 days and shows no sign of letting up. What's even stranger to me is that the blood isn't in globs like it usually is, they're more like gooey flakes (it's hard to describe, but when it hits the water it separates- almost like crumbs). I know this is not normal for my body! I'm calling my physician tomorrow, but I'm curious if anyone knows what may be going on?