My boyfriend and I started having unprotected sex, everyday, multiple times a day, for about a week and a half. Finally, we got smart and I went on birth control. I got the nuvaring on the 13th. I was told to insert it that day, and wait 7 days before having unprotected sex, and to remove it exactly one month later. My period was due the next day, but I still haven't gotten it. I've never paid this close attention to my cycle, so I'm not sure whether this is normal for me or not but it's now been four days and it still hasn't started. I know nuvaring can stop your periods, but it wouldn't start this early would it? I haven't had any implantation bleeding but I've had cramps and my breasts have been tender, which usually happens right before my period. I was thinking I was safe, because it was due on the 14th but with the change in my cycle the dates add up on the ovulation calculator. I'm starting to freak out. What are the chances that this was caused by the birth control? Or maybe I'm just freaking out and I'm going to get it tomorrow. Who even knows. Bodies are weird. Someone help me, please.