Thank you everyone for your advice and kind words of encouragement. I made it through my 1st day taking 2 pills every 8 hrs. Not exactly. Ended up taking the last 2 after 6 hrs. Now I'm making myself wait 10 hrs to get back on schedule. Sounds nuts. I think I can do it. I did have some withdrawal symptoms though which surprised me. I had alot of chills and hot flashes, sweats ? More severe than menopause so I think it was w/d. My plan is to stay on 6 pills for 4 days before I taper down again. I'll see how it goes taking this thing one day at a time. I feel so much more committed now that I am involved with posting my status. Makes me accountable. Yes I was quite angry with that Suboxone Dr but im channeling that energy into what I'm doing now. I know I am running out of resources which is making me more serious. Maybe I'm not suppose to be on sub right now ? And I don't want to go to rehab so I better get serious... Right ???