Its been 2 days now. This is my first question on this site. I was wondering if it is normal for your doctor not to tell you to quit drinking before you start this med. I am still drinking. I do think it is limiting the effect the the alcohol has on me. I'm not really getting buzzed. I usually drink about 2 drinks just to feel normal and don't usually feel anything until maybe 4 or 5 drinks. Is this drug suppose to make me want to cut down or is it suppose to make the alcohol stop effecting me so that I decide not to drink it? Yesterday I had about my usual amount of drinks. When I was about done drinking and was ready to go to bed I noticed that I was having a hard time catching my breath. I'm wondering if the shortness of breath was because I had quite a few drinks while taking the Naltrexone ? Are you even suppose to drink while taking it? I thought I read on line that you have to completely stop drinking before you start this medication. Any thoughts ?