I just started taking my first pack of microgestin fe 1/20 and while on the second to last active pill my husband accidentally you know, what are the chances of getting pregnant? I have not missed a pill thus far i however have taken it a few mins to an hour or hour and a half late or taken it early by a few minutes to an hour early just to make sure i dont forget my schedule is insane but never actually missed a pill.

Also, Before i start my second pack can i change the time i take it? I find it easier to take it early in the morning and get it over with right away then in the afternoon i get so busy and caught up is easy to forget to take it at the exact time every day no matter how many alarms i set.

Can i change the time i take my birth control once i start my second pack of pills?

Also i haven't got my period yet is due in a day am worried as the accident happened last week in my second to last active pill. The day that it happened i also was spotting and it just stopped the same day. Could i be pregnant?

any advice please