... embolisms. I have had diarrhea lmost every day since then. Gastro doc put me on Welchol which helped for a short time but became unreliable even on 4 pills a day. He next had me try peptobismol tabs but I have a brain annuerism that can't be coiled because of it's shape and is on the bottom range in size for surgery. Therefore I am advised not to take Asprin, etc., which PB has. Doc did colonoscopy and 2 biopsies and diagnosed me with microbial colitis. I have been on Lialda for 10 days with no relief. Read Metoprolol causes diarrhea in 5% of patients. Any thoughts?
These are the meds I take
Synthroid, Diovan Htz, singular, Prozac 40 mg, Zoccor 40 mg,
Metoprolol 50 mg.