My mom started Lyrica 75mg at bedtime 4 days ago. Since starting she had chest pain 2 days ago and today she has a rash on her neck, breast, and back. She has had a quadruple open heart with stets from her heart to her legs, she only has one kidney and it functions way below normal. Question: Is this medicine safe for her with her medical history. From what I read I don't understand why her doctor would give her this with the side affects I'm reading. Opinions are welcomed. She also takes 2 different blood pressure pills, Celexa, hydrocodon, Flexeril, Plavix, Isob, a heart medicine, and another anti depressant allopurinol, and Xanax. She's 74 with many health issues. She's been in bed for 3 days now. I gave her Benadryl for rash but will not give her another Lyrica pill till I find out more information. Today is Sunday, praying for no hospital visit but if she gets any worse she has to go. Plan on calling Doctor Monday ASAP.