Recently I have started limping with my right leg and can not understand why, I have not had an injury, banged it or anything else. I am in no pain with my leg whatsoever but recently (past 2 weeks) I have been limping when walking, it is as if my right leg is numb, or dead and does not want to lift. When I watch my foot as I walk it kind not pointing up (if that makes sense) so I have to lift my right leg up more or I will (and have been doing) trip over my own foot. It gets worse when I have been sat down for a period of time, but even at best of times it is still rather bad.

I am 24 years old and relative healthy (12.5 stone) though my work is rather sedentary, and I am on no drugs.

It is rather annoying as normally I walk faster than everyone, but recently I have had to leave plenty of time so I can limp to my train etc.