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I just started librax yesterday have had 4 doses and I keep having a feeling I have to,pee?

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kaismama 13 Feb 2013

It can cause you to not be able to empty your bladder fully. This retention of urine can then make you feel like you have to go again. You can try to empty your bladder more completely. If this keeps up, you'll have to see the dr. Retention of urine first is a nuisance, but it can lead to bladder infections.

meyati 14 Feb 2013

Drink some cranberry juice to help keep a healthy urinary tract-see if that helps. If it takes a while to get an appt., call in today. Your body might adjust to the Librax and this will go away, if not you can see the doctor about it. Librax relaxes the muscles-and you might feel this way right now, but your body might adapt well. Also, another thing could be happening to you at the same time.
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