I am finding the side effects are nausea and extreme tiredness, and while started on 10 mg. for 1st week, 2nd week doc told me to increase to 20 mg. After reading about the Depakote, I was scared to take it so didn't for the first week. I called the doc to report the increased morning anxiety and that I was afraid to take the Depakote, he stated that along with the Depakote and Lexapro together, the morning anxiety should get better within a week or so. Right now I'm taking Ativan to calm the anxiety, which along with the Lexapro and Depakote makes me feel like a zombie most of the day. Since I am reading such good reviews about Lexapro, and see the doctor tomorrow, I will try to stick these side affects out. I saw where one lady took 1/2 Lexapro in the evening and 1/2 in the morning with success and more energy during the day. Plan to ask my doctor about that. Maybe it's just a matter of waiting, but why do these things take so long to make you feel better? I want to feel better NOW!!!