Two days ago my doctor told me that I should start sertraline (an ssri drug) with lamaitical for problems related to (gaba a receptor down-regulation, and possibly low brain levels of serotonin, but the main problem is still from gaba a receptor). What caused my problems is benzo withdrawal.
I started taking Lamitical 50mg as per doctor instructions but I didn't take the sertraline since there are many safe natural alternatives to it.
After doing some research I found out that if taken alone, Lamitical should be started on 25mg then be slowly increased to therapeutic doses.
The reason why my doctor started me on 50mg immediately because he told me to take sertraline with it, and I didn't.
My question is I'm afraid that I made a mistake by not starting Lamitical on 25mg as per the manufacturer's instructions, and it's been two days since I started taking it, should I continue taking the 50mg or should I go back to 25mg and work my way up from there.