I'm Type 2. I don't wake up feeling that ill but around 2pm or so I start feeling like I have the flu with all the symptoms, by 5pm I can barely function. I spoke to the doctor and he suggested to eat more with my lunch which is the meal I normally do an injection of 10 units. Yesterday I tried that and I felt a little better but not much. I just discovered that I should have disposed of the vial after 28 days and I did not. I have kept the vial in the refrigerator as told. I can't believe I totally spaced out on disposing the vial after 28 days and starting a new vial. My question is could I have been making myself Ill by using the vial after 28 days or am I just not eating enough? I'm supposed to take 10 units 3x a day with my main meals but I don't eat that often or my blood sugar is low already before eating. I take 40mg of Lantus at night before bed and I do start a new vial every 29 days. I can't reach my doctor or talk to someone at the pharmacy at this time so I thought I would ask here. I get ill about 1-2 hours after my injection and I get almost every symptom that they list for Humalog side effects.
Thank you in advance for helping me. Pamela