I have just started with pain management about a month ago for DJD, and am taking 1-2 Q 4-6hrs prn of 5/325 oxycodone... I have been getting bad headaches usually within 20-35 min of taking the oxycodone. I do have high BP and am on lisinopril HCTZ 12.5/25 (I think thats the right dosage) taking 1 pill daily. These are the only meds I am on and I haven't had headaches like this since I started on my BP meds. I used to get them before when my BP was especially high... Is the headaches a side effect of the oxycodone or is it possible the oxycodone is raising my BP and that's why i'm getting the headaches?? I can't tell by taking my BP because pain causes it to spike anyway... so that's not gonna be a good indicator so I was looking for some practical knowledge on these meds and how they may interact and/or if the oxycodone causes headaches.

Thanks much for the info
Sweet Angel (Tori)