... for all-over body pain 24/7. On the 5th day l started getting a migraine, excruciating pain, vomiting, blurred vision, pain everywhere, unable to walk a straight line and so weak. I wound up in the emerg on the 4th day to be treated for extreme pain from migraine. At this point l dropped 11 lbs. In 7 days. The migraine are mostly gone but if l move my head the wrong way l get a stabbing pain at the top of my head, go weak and almost loose my vision.
Did l have a reaction to the injections. I had an epidural, 2 injections in forehead, jaw, base of skull, side of neck, top of shoulders and side if shoulders..I should also mention that now when l get the extreme pain in the top of my head the pain radiates down my neck along both shoulders and down both arms