... reduction in pain. I have norco for bt pain and significantly reduced the amount I was taking. The most noticeable difference was my ability to get out of bed without any pain. I was amazed. Week 2 and I placed the new patch on my upper chest. I've needed the norco more and this am I woke up in a lot of pain. I'm really disappointed. I can only assume the difference is the location of the patch. I put it on Friday, today is Sunday. Id really like to move the patch. I understand it won't work as well but it's already not working well. Anyone have any experience moving the patch during the week? I do have more patches and plenty of bt meds but I don't want to take the bt meds and I don't want to explain to my dr why I am one patch down if I were to use a new one. Any thought? Anyone experience less relief in different locations? Thanks!