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I just started to take buspar. Did it lessen your anxiety after you started taking it?

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kaismama 2 Jun 2014

It takes a few weeks of daily use for it to work. Its not like xanax which is why you need a drug like xanax until out does.

Marirose81 2 Jun 2014

I just started taking mine 5 days ago for my anxiety. I started 5mg 2x a day morning and night. It seems to make me drowsy and anxious, so I spoke with my psych and she told me to take 1 pill a day for a week, then increase to 2. I am prob just more sensitive cause I know other people take larger doses without any side effects. Always take it the same way everyday (with or w/out food) so it goes into your system the same. I know it can take a couple weeks for your body to get used to it and for it to work. It doesn't work like a benzo, it works like an antidepressant. It has not taken effect for me yet, but I am going to stick to it and hope it helps me. Hang in there. I know it's frustrating!

jfreckles7 5 Jun 2014

How.are u feeling now I habe.been.taking citalopram 10 mg then.dropped to.5mg was to much I'm so sensitive, and I'm so over feeling nauseated and throwing up!

Marirose81 5 Jun 2014

I have been taking citalopram for almost 8 years. I started with 10mg and fluctuated between 10-20mg over the years. I actually just increased to 30mg due to postpartum. I never felt sick to my stomach. I did get nausea and lost my appetite for the first 2 weeks. I lived on smoothies. Force yourself to eat something before taking it. I also got dry mouth, felt a little shaky and anxious. The side effects do subside, but if it is really bad then you may want to try another medication. Hang in there!

jfreckles7 5 Jun 2014

Well im.starting to think we all have got some.kind of flu I'm still throwing up my daughter did at school today and my husband is right now :( free discount card

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