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Started Buspar 1 month ago for depression & anxiety. Overwhelming suicidal thoughts have started?

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RonMan 4 Apr 2013

Contact your doctor right away. If these thoughts are a real problem call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or 911 if you need help now. Sorry I did not see this earlier.


jagry1999 5 Apr 2013

You are playing with fire. I was in a similar place & my MD immediately took me off the Rx I was using. Call someone at once; suicide line is a good start. NOW.

charitylaraye 5 Apr 2013

again I can only tell you get some help quickly. call your dr. or go to the emergency room they can help you too. please your life is important don't wait. please let me know how you are doing

pickles503 6 Apr 2013

I checked out every site I could and none of them said suicidal thoughts are one of the side effects of Buspar. I wouldn't mess with this. Go to your doctor or ER right away. I've seen someone after they committed suicide and I certainly wouldn't want my mother to find me after suicide. Get some help NOW! Your playing with fire. Love, Anna

pickles503 7 Apr 2013

How are you today? Can you give us an update, please? We're all concerned. Thank you. Anna free discount card

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