Hi ladies and HCP. I used to be on the nexplanon arm implant. I gained over 110 lbs on it in a year, so I got off of it last October 2nd. Since then I have not had my period naturally. My Obgyn gave me progesterone one month, and I had my period once, the following month I had a miscarriage due to over the counter treatment of a yeast infection, after that I couldn't afford the copay every time I visited the Obgyn so I talked to my normal Dr, and she did the same thing, II took the progesterone for ten days, had my period once and haven't had it since, mind you before the implant I had my cycle every month. So last Thursday my Dr started me on a low dose birth control pill (I've been hesitant to take birth control after gaining so much weight on the last one) one been taking it faithfully for a week although I have been a couple hours late the last two days due to being extremely busy, I have started my cycle today and I'm only a week into the pills, is that normal? I just want to make sure everything is going ok. Lol I'm probably the only woman ever to be excited about her period because I am only 21 and I want kids... Help me out, y'all please tell me the norm, and what to expect