I got started back on venlefaxine on Friday starting at 75mg but I’m now up to 150mg . Saturday after taking my first dose on Friday my anxiety levels went through the roof and only got worse I was back at the doctors on Monday and she gave me lorazepam 1mg per day this had no effect so yesterday it was upped to 2mg once a day and she also introduced quetiapine at night this morning I’ve woke up extremely anxious and after taking my 2mg lorazepam I’ve felt no effect so after lots of phone calls and wanting to admit me which I refused due to being a single mum with 2 young boys they’ve agreed to prescribe me diazepam 5mg 4 times a day what I want to know is can I just start taking them when they’re delivered or do I have to wean off lorazepam first?
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated xx