I haven't been on ADHD meds since I was a kid. My doctor prescribed me 20 mg twice a day. She wants me to try a smaller dose to start and then take the second dose if it doesn't seem effective. I had only a few hours of sleep and suffer from daily fatigue mainly because my other medications. She was saying Adderall might even level the drowsiness from those. I took 20 mg a few hours ago and for about an hour i felt energized but then fatigue hit me. I'm at work right now and can barely keep my eyes open. I don't know if i should be taking the other dose or not if will increase my energy again. And if i take a second one tonight if i will be fine to try the smaller dose again once i get a nights worth of sleep or if taking the full dose one day is going to make it not effective on the other days. I'm trying to avoid going to the full 40 mg if I am able to. Is it possible to take the min dose then take the full dose on the off days?