I am now finishing my second month on Yasmin, so my 2nd pill free week overall. In the first one, I started my period on the 2nd day of the pill free week, but there is no sign of it this time. However, my cervix is very low and firm and (i think) slightly open, like it would be around my period. I have taken my pill perfectly (haven't missed or been late with a single one) since starting and as far as I can remember, haven't even had sex since my last period, so I know pregnancy is very unlikely - however I have an anxiety disorder and need a bit of reassurance.
I've been taking lots of vitamin C and ginger tea as well as exercise to encourage it along.

Should I worry if my period doesn't come this month? Is my period late (or maybe not coming at all) due to my body still getting used to the pill? Or do you think will it come in the next few days?
I'm sorry for all the questions, but my doctor never really explained anything about the withdrawal bleed other that it's during the pill free week, so I have quite a few. Any help is appreciated!