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Just started 30 mg cymbalta for anxiety and depress.- for 2wks. when is best time to take meds?

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Inactive 19 Mar 2013

Hello llif. Generally, Cymbalta is taken upon awakening. Regards pledge

kaismama 19 Mar 2013

Generally the morning is good. What's the 2 weeks?

lady2882 19 Mar 2013

Morning is usually best but it will depend on what the med does to you. If it makes you sleepy then you may have to take it in the evening. What did your doctor suggest?
I hope you researched the drug as there can be alot of side effects and it is one of those drugs that you must taper off gradually due to discontinuation syndrome. I took it for 5 weeks and have been tapering off for 15 days and it has been rough. Could be just be that it effected me weird as everyone is different.

lady2882 19 Mar 2013

oh and it can cause you to feel very hot. I was very sweatie on it (yuck) free discount card

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