My other meds are Apixaban 5..Mg twice day / bisoprolol 5 mg once day / ferrous fumarate 322 once day/ gabapentin 100mg 2xday / metformin 500mg 2xday / omeprazole 20mg once day/ ramipril 2. 5 once day. Insulin Lantus at night / Novorapid insulin 3x day. I take the mirtazapine 5 hours after my other medicines except for the insulin Lantas which is taken about the same time 9pm. I get awful restlessness after taking mirtazapine last night my arms and legs were lashing out and I couldn't settle I was in and out of bed, in the chair,then tried sitting on edge bed. It was involuntarily although I knew it was happening. I felt better when my feet were on the ground but it was very frightening. Any ideas please?