I know that's a crazy question to ask the internet, so let me clarify the whole situation:

I struggled a lot with anxiety, depression, and aggression in college. After going to counseling I ended up taking lexapro. At first it was awesome, I definitely felt more level-headed which was good, because I graduated college and became a junior-high math teacher. About a year ago, however (I had been on the drug for nearly 2 years) realized that Lexapro was the cause of my severe fatigue (I would come home from work and fall asleep almost immediately, sleeping 15ish hours a day). I also felt like my life was kind of... gray. I wasn't anxious, depressed, or angry. I was just... nothing. So with the help of a psychiatrist I weaned off the medication and have been "drug-free" for all of 2016.

2016 was kind of a crappy year, and I'm not sure if it's related to me not being on anything. But for the last couple months especially my emotions have been pretty all over the place. Some times I feel fine, but a lot of the time I have no passion for anything. I sit in my room wishing that I wanted to do something (even something as simple as read a book or watch TV) but I don't. I'm not suicidal in any way, but I spend a lot of time feeling like my life is pointless. I work for the weekend, but then the weekend comes and... I have no idea why I was excited for it because I can't motivate myself to DO anything. I also find that sometimes my frustration with the way I have been feeling manifests itself as anger or sadness, and as a junior high teacher I can't really afford to be randomly feeling like that when I'm standing in front of 30 14-year-olds.

After talking with my psychologist last week she suggested that I give Zoloft a try. At the time I was at a really low point and was desperate for a solution so the idea of going back on meds sounded WONDERFUL. But for the week since I've seen her things have actually been okay. Not great, but okay. So now I'm trying to decide if I REALLY want to go back on meds. I'm weighing pros and cons. I have a prescription for 50mg of the generic for Zoloft, but have been told to take 25mg for at least the first week. Here are my biggest concerns:

1) Fatigue-- I cannot go back to falling asleep every time I sit down like I did with Lexapro. That was a nightmare. Alternatively, I also can't afford to NOT get sleep (I don't function well when tired, and have to get up early every day for my job). My sleep schedule right now is pretty good.

2) Weight gain-- I have worked really hard over the last year to get my body where I want it. My confidence has soared. I'm terrified that I'll gain weight while on Zoloft and my confidence (and therefore my depression) will suffer.

3) Initial acclimation-- I know that sometimes starting an anti-depressant can make people's symptoms WORSE. Again, as a teacher I can't afford to be flying off the handle during school hours. But I also don't have much choice about when to start unless I wait for a long holiday break (and I don't necessarily want to delay. If zoloft is going to make things better, I'd like it to start working ASAP)

So I have professional opinions, and the professional opinions are that if I WANT to start taking zoloft, I can. What I'm looking for now is real human opinions and experiences. Have you taken Zoloft and/or Lexapro? How does zoloft compare to other drugs? Did you experience fatigue/weight gain with lexapro and/or zoloft? Was one worse than the other? I just need opinions from people more experienced than I am in these matters.

Thank you!