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Can I start taking progesterone and tri-sprintec at the same time?

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kaismama 4 Nov 2013

Did the same dr prescribe both? Why do you have both of them prescribed? It seems weird to me, is all.

katnip95 4 Nov 2013

Topical progesterone does not require a Rx.

katnip95 4 Nov 2013

I would stop taking tri-sprintec altogether. It has a progestin in it. They are synthetic progesterone-like compounds that have some of the same actions as natural progesterone( I mean the form your body makes or an identical form ) but they have a lot of dangerous effects also. Many research studies implicate progestins in a variety of reproductive disorders: fibroids, cancer, endometriosis, etc. I wouldn't take them if I was paid to do so. I use progesterone cream, NOW makes a good, inexpensive one I found on Amazon, but Progestelle is good too, just more expensive. Any of them work if they have USP progesterone. If you use it continuously, then it would most likely prevent pregnancy too. I would not take the tri-sprinted AND progesterone both. If you wanted to take progesterone in pill form, Prometrium is supposed to be bioidentical progesterone, but oral bioavailability is decreased compared to topical application. free discount card

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