Hello, exactly on 7/15/18 I eat a powerful and strong marijuana edible the interaction was HORRIBLE but now that I feel much better (normal) I looking to see how do I restart my medication I was on week 3 Lamictal orange kit 50mg and I am worried to take back because I don't know if I will have again a reaction knowing now that marijuana take time to go away. The reactions where horrible like I was very very close to a panic attack and my eyes vision suddenly when black and i start feeling cold, the panic attack was prevented because my sister was there to help me out I learn the hard way that marijuana can't touch Lamictal I think is worse than taking alcohol I remember that the only thing I was thinking was ''Run,hit something, call 911 I barely recognized my sister and when she talks and give me her hand I knew it was her and I feel a tiny calm listen to her drink water and sleep my brain was like speeding, the story is crazy I take Lamictal because I am bipolar class II and for other people here stay away of marijuana.