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About to start sovaldi and ribavirin for 12 weeks.. Did anyone experience major side effects?

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I have 47 more days to go ... Side effects I have had are tolerable my doctor took me off work cause it was stressful ... some days are good and others are intense I don't want to take prozack like she said I swing in my moods cry at times I feel over sensitive .. Hard to drive at times .. irrability maybe I'm over sensitive to drugs most my friends been on Harvoni so they cannot relate to what I feel my doctor says it's the rabivirn so I keep telling myself I can finish this it's hard to discrib the feelings at time but I pray a lot and know I'll make it through and these are just side effects

Happy4now 4 Jun 2016

I also had a hard time with my treatment, I did three meds. Just focus on the future! I also counted the days I completed when I felt bad and realized how far I gotten! I also prayed a lot and it helped me get thru my worst days.. Stay strong, you will persevere and clear your virus!! Hang in there!!

Thank you I'll be grateful to be done I thank God everyday that I have insurance which covers me mostly all my friends are dead ... God has me here and I'm thankful ... I keep counting the days some are good and some are bad it does good when someone understands give you a hold different out look on life ... I appreciate the encouragement and thanks

ghislainenapias 18 Aug 2016

Complete it 24 weeks sovaldi ribavurin
Still major side effects
Bone muscles joints, spine, head ,knees, elbows
Extremely fatigue can't sleep
Each person is different
Wish would nerver took treatment free discount card

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