I was on Fenofibrate drugs (Lipicard 160 mg and then Stanlip 145 mg) for last one year, mainly due to high trigyceride and borderline LDL. The lipid profile were normal in the meantime (I checked every 3 months). However, a week ago my lipid profile showed slightly high trigyceride, slightly low HDL and borderline LDL. My doctor this time prescribed Rosuvas F-20 capsules (combination of Rosuvastatin 20 mg and Fenofibrate 160 mg). He also suggested to take Essentiale-L capsules (Essential phospholipids) for 1 month. My question is, keeping the side effects in mind, is it safe/advisable to take 20 mg dose of Rosuvastatin (plus Fenofibrate 160 mg) for my Dyslipidemia? I don't have any renal problems as of now.