I had a grade 2 mixed glioma partially removed almost 6 years ago. I did not have chemotherapy or radiation at the time. i have been going every 6 months for an mri with very little change. i had a seizure last week (first ever) and ended up at the ER. they called my neuro-oncologist and he scheduled me to come in the next morning (1 month away from my 6 mo ck up). There has been significant change on my mri and he is waiting on my neuro surgeon to get back in town to see if she wants to do an open biopsy before starting radiation. I am scared half to death that this is starting a downhill battle for me. God has blessed me with 6 years of no problems, and now i may be looking at surgery on top of radiation. Has anyone else been through this that could give me some words of encouragement?