I had sex with a guy on Saturday (10/8), we wore a condom, but he finished in me and the condom slid off when he pulled out after. The end of the condom never went into me, there were no holes, and I have been on the pill for 2 years. I took plan B just to be super safe the next morning (10/9), and was expecting my period on Tuesday (10/11). It's now Thursday (10/13) and on Sunday (10/16) I will be starting a new Birth Control pack and so I will be back to the pills with hormones. I'm super certain that I am not pregnant, because we did use 3 forms of birth control. If I don't get my period by Sunday should I just start the new pack anyway so I don't mess up my hormones even more, or should I wait until I get my period and then start the pill again? I've read some places that their period came the next month, if that's the case will I get sick from not having a period this month?