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When do I start the mononessa ? Once I start my period or after my period ? Thank you for your time?

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kaismama 11 Oct 2014

If you start it the first day of your period, its effective right away. If you wait until the sunday after your period starts you have a 7 day wait until its effective. Don't start it after your period if you can help it because it will try to work against your normal cycle. What that sunday after your period starts means is if you start your period on a wednesday for example, even if you still have your period, you start the pill on that following sunday.
Once you have started the pill, your period has no effect on your taking it. If you start bleeding while on the active pills you just keep taking the active pills. You never alter your schedule.

audreeey 11 Oct 2014

So I take the active pill once I get my period ? & thank you ! free discount card

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