I'm only 5ft 1 and at my heaviest and almost most depressed as signs of aging coming now and I'm really slowed down. Does this mean I will not lose weight now? More detail I am moderately active usually I have joined gym and swim again after a two years break because of finances being poor. I am hypothyroid so take levothyroxine. Now fultium for vit d deficiency. Lansoprazole for hiatus hernia, mirtazapine for anxiety with depression, two different inhalers and montelukast tablets and cetirizine for all year round allergies and asthma and frequent antibiotics for infections which I pick up easily at work. Most of my medication has side effect of weight gain... I'm at my wits end unable to get dressed some days or even move out if bed. I'm guessing the vit d will help. But anyone know how safe it would be to come off the weight inducing meds and self manage my symptoms?