I'm about to start Lexapro for the first time tomorrow, I've never taken medication for anxiety before, my question is, I have a date this week & from what I have read, the first couple of weeks of using Lexapro, anxiety can get worse, I dont want it to show during my date, usually i would order a drink since my first dates are always at bars. How would you all recommend i tackle this? Should I just have a drink or 2, usually I'll have about 2 to 3 and a half drinks with my date, will it be OK to do this? Or should I take Valium instead? Prior to this medication, I dont really get that anxious in bars because of the drink or two that i consume. I've had generalized & social anxiety for 7 years now and I've been prescribed 10mg. Any help with be appreciated! Usually when I consume the alcohol it loosens me up and I'm able to connect with people easier, other details, I'm 27 and a male