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Can I start Harvoni if I tried a previous treatment for hep C about 6 years ago?

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Cureforsure15 9 May 2016

Yes Indeed You Can!!! However... you may have to take it a little longer, say 24 weeks other than 8 weeks or 12 week. I took HARVONI for 24 weeks because I also took the previous treatment of Interferon/ribavarin and it didn't work. But this time after 24 weeks it did! I am virus free with a clean and healthy liver! Ask your GI Doctor first of course! Good luck!

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Neveragain46 29 May 2016

Hi Cureforsure15,
i was approved for 12 weeks only. I'm Gn type 1b. Also did the Interferon/Ribavarin.
Non responder . Does that mean I should be on 24 weeks?

Cureforsure15 29 May 2016

I would contact your GI Doctor because he will make the final decision. But it would not hurt to discuss the information you have heard on this blog regarding how the 24week treatment was prescribed For most people who have failed the original treatment. (It maybe because your HepC is not as progressed as others?) I personally was stage 3. Not anymore thank goodness. I was told months before I started that I would have to be on 24weeks. My doctor is affiliated with Univ of Penna, and part of the research team for HARVONI. Good luck!

Stephen Treloar 10 May 2016

I am starting next week and while I'm scheduled for 24 weeks my Liver clinic is totally unconcerned that I failed treatment the first time (at about the same time as you). They are so confident they only want my regular bloodworm before I commence. No viral loads until they will show something meaningful, no nothing. It just has to work. :-)

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Neveragain46 30 May 2016

Same here with blood work . Just concerning that I am on 12 weeks after failing Interferon/ Rib. Treatment. Seems like most in that position are assigned 24 weeks
Thoughts? Thank you.

Neveragain46 29 May 2016

Yes you can. I did the killer Interfuron ( spelling?) and Ribo, non responder 12 years ago. just turned 70 , prob, had this monster for 40 years. My dad died in 1986 of non a non b Hep. It wasn't pretty. So grateful they are paying attention to us and working on offering us a life Hep free.
Just got approved for Harvoni last week . Took 1 week for approval from United Health Care. I'm on my 4 th pill tonight. I take it at 9:00 pm so far no real side effects. Drink more than 1 Gal. Of water all day. No sleep problems yet, horrible acid reflux. I used Nexium before this and that's a huge no no. Wishing everyone the best.
Gn 1b
Diagnosed 1998
Moderate fibrosis
VL 6 Mil

Cureforsure15 29 May 2016

Congrats! Your on the road to a complete cure! I've have pretty much the same as you, same age, mild fibrosis, had it for over 40years,took the nasty ribavarin/ interferon shots 15 years ago, I drank almost 1 gal water per day, and took my pill in the evening too. Had headaches the first few weeks but finally got smart and started drinking more water and they went away! Never had sleep issues but fatigue became an issue so I started to walk more & that helped. After 24 weeks, I finished last July 27, 2015 & was totally cured and as of 2/16 liver hasnt any damage! Good luck to you too! free discount card

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