I was diagnosed as having Crohns in September 2013 after a routine colonoscopy. It was discovered I had some ulcers and a stricture in my ileum. I was hospitalized for six days in Feb. '14 for a small bowel obstruction. Other than that, I really don't feel that I am all that sick. Very little diarheah, no bleeding, no abdominal pain. Maybe 2-3 bowel movements a day. I would not say that my case of crohns is debilitating. My doctor recommended I start up on Remicade or Humira or some other biologic. Being aware of the side effects, I am a little leary. It would be different if I was suffering badly. I hear of alot of other people taking these biologics that were extremely sick. I just wonder if it is a good decision at this point to start up on biologics. It is true that I do not want to wind up in the hospital again.
Thanks in advance for your advice.