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I start at 7days after my period still tendency I get pregnant?

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DzooBaby 9 Jun 2014

I am not sure if I understand what you are trying to ask? What did you start 7 days after your period?

mhegan23mj 10 Jun 2014

I search at net they say u must start on the day of period or after 5days but me i start at in 7 days of my period.coz usually before i take pills when my blood is finish..

DzooBaby 10 Jun 2014

If you do not start day 1 of your period then you need to use back up protection, like condoms and spermicide, for the first seven days of taking the first of the active pills. After seven days of active pills, you are considered "protected" against pregnancy and no longer need additional protection. If you do not use back up protection the first week on the Pill then there is a possibility of pregnancy..

DzooBaby 10 Jun 2014

You are supposed to start them either the first day you bleed or the first Sunday after you start bleeding. It is not necessary to wait until your bleeding is done. If you start the pills any time but the very first day of your period, you need back up protection for the first seven days of active pills to keep from becoming pregnant. free discount card

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