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I start 2 pills of 0,25 mg xanax 1 week ago and I want to swich to remeron for better sleep, can i?

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Tee6759 23 Jan 2013

The best way to make this decision to speak with your doctor. You don't state whether you have a prescription 4 Remeron. I'm not that familiar with Remeron. I take 1 milligram of xanax every night for sleep. It it may take a larger dose for you to work right. Please do not make any decisions on your drugs without consulting your doctor. To do so could cause you some great problems. I'm not a medical professional, I'm only speaking from my experience with xanax. I hope you can find the help you seek in changing your meds. Best wishes.
Seeking peace,

endlessPred 23 Jan 2013

Xanax is a temporary medication and that dose lasts a few hours. Great for falling asleep or maintaining a better mood. It is addictive but that is after a long time and higher doses.

Remeron is effective for sleep at night and as a depression medication. It does cause a change in appetite and a modest weight gain of maybe ten pounds can occur. It is mostly used for high anxiety and is an antipsychotic. Helps with recurring intrusive thoughts and imagery. It is to be carefully used and monitored by a psychiatrist. Definitely see your doctor so that you may adjust. Xanax can be used with remeron if carefully monitored.

As said above, please work with your physician with this. It wil prevent serious withdrawal and other problems. With proper supervision it can be very helpful. It is nothing to experiment with on your own. Let us know if you have more questions.

Mental metal 13 Aug 2016

Remeron isn't a controlled substance so they will go for it. Keep in mind it does take much longer to kick in, but does last longer. I am prescribed to both. Remeron also helps with my depression a lot. I have PTSD, Anxiety, major depression disorder, and ADHD, so on top of these two meds , I also have Adderall for the day time. Remeron helps a lot with depression, Xanax with anxiety, and Adderall with ADHD. This combo works well to fight off my PTSD. Good luck! free discount card

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