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Hi, Im about to star taking Celexa for depression any advice or on what to expect? Thanks for your?

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wannabbetter 28 Jan 2016

Celexa is worth trying. I used to take 20 mg of it but it pooped out on me. Celexa is very commonly prescribed. My S/Es were stomach upset & dry mouth. Best of luck. I know some people where it worked really well.

janiebme 29 Jan 2016

Hi bassking-
We are all different when it comes to our chemistry. What one person has as a side effect another may not have. I took Lexapro which is like the sister of Celexa. You will know the side effects within a day or two. You may not have any. It takes 4-6 weeks for side effects, if you have them, to ease up and for the therapeutic dose to start to work. There are supportive people on this site that can be helpful on your journey. Best wishes :) free discount card

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