I have been diagnosed with stage 4 cirrhosis. I had 1 surgery after I vomited blood and another 9 months later with I vomited again. With ascites and esophagus the second time. I recently had a miscarriage and my bloating wouldn't go down and it’s hard in the middle so I figure it’s ascites again because all the symptoms match. Could the miscarriage triggered the ascites? I called my doctor. I hope he gets back to me soon. I can’t think or sleep or eat, worried the end is near. Or I am bleeding on the inside. (Stool is fine except the effects of Lactolose) What questions do I ask to get all the answers I need such as pertinent numbers and time frame? I didn’t know it would happen so fast after the May surgery. I gave up drinking, take all my medicines and am on a strict low-salt diet. I am 42.