Okay. Growing up I was put on Zoloft since age 10... over the years I worked up to about 100mg of Zoloft. A few months ago I started having shivering spells and withdrawal symptoms while STILL taking Zoloft! I went to the ER, and my doctor who said everything is normal physically. This past month I went to see a new psychiatrist. He is a very nice man. He decided to take me off Zoloft and put me onto Viibryd... This is where it gets screwy. I was taking 150mg of Zoloft for a week (because a neurologist recommended it to me). He brought me down to 100mg for 4 days while taking 10mg viibryd. Next he did 50mg Zoloft with 10mg Viibryd. Then off completely with the Zoloft and solely on Viibryd. I started having panic attacks like crazy. So he weaned me off of Viibryd abruptly (40mg one day, 20 next, 10, off). Since then I have had brain zaps, abdominal shivering, crying spells. I'm only 21 and I've been laying in bed for 2 days. Today I forced myself to get up and clean the pool, but I feel sickly and like I'm living a nightmare. He prescribed .5 klonopin two times daily for panic attacks. But I don't know if this is all from withdrawals or my anxiety! I'm so tired and so scared I'm doing permanent damage to my body. I really want to be off all meds, but is what I'm feeling normal? I just want my life back more than anything! I haven't seem my girlfriend in a month. No more of these horrifying symptoms. )':