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Which ssri med helps fatigue and muscle aches??

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MeggieGirl 3 Sep 2015

Hi Lady,

The one that made such a significant difference in my life (and I mean, it got me off the bed and living again, kind of difference) is not an SSRI, but an SNRI, which means that instead of working on serotonin, it works on norepinephrine. Nerves in our brain fire (reach out) and connect with another nerve, and that is a healthy connection. When they fire, only for that connection to fold back in on itself, that is called "reuptake". SSRI stands for Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor. Serotonin is one of 3 that we need - the other 2 are Norepinephrine and Dopamine. You see the word "Reuptake" there, and the word "Inhibitor" means to inhibit, to stop.

I spent my life trying SSRIs, only to realize it wasn't Serotonin I needed, but Norepinephrine and Dopamine. The SNRI that gave me my life back is Savella. Talking about why you specifically want it fits right in - it is prescribed for fibromyalgia (which I don't have, but I used to hurt EVERYWHERE). The Dopamine, I got through Wellbutrin, but that's not your question. I hope this helps! :)

MeggieGirl 3 Sep 2015

I found some really good information for you - if you put into a search engine "ssri for fatigue and muscle aches", you'll see that body aches and fatigue are brought up a lot in regards to antidepressant withdrawal, but if you actually include "fibromyalgia" and "ssri" incorporated into the search, you are given a wealth of information about how antidepressants are prescribed to treat exactly what you're trying to deal with. Look for the one by Pain Medicine Consultants - it goes into everything and is REALLY helpful. It did mention three: Cymbalta, Savella (the one I mentioned) and Lyrica (which is commonly used to treat diabetic neuropathy). It then gets into each category of antidepressant from the Tricyclics to the SSRI's, etc.

Ladylike 3 Sep 2015

going to psych today.Am taking 5mg brintellix but despite less sadness and disinterest in activities the fatigue comes and goes and is almost unbearable.Also very aching legs.Thanks so much for the info.Most times I feel other "patients" are more hyelpful than the docs.

MeggieGirl 3 Sep 2015

Have you just started it? Or are you unable to tolerate higher doses? 5mg is for patients who can't tolerate higher doses, but the initial dose for depression is 10mg, and the maintenance dose (as well as maximum dose) is 20mg - and it is for the treatment of major depressive disorder.

If you look around on the net, you will see many people talking about how the drug you're taking in particular is causing them bad muscle aches and headaches. Did you have this pain before you started taking it?

Ladylike 3 Sep 2015

Back from psych this afternoon.Have had depression for 20 or so years,been on 2 other meds which became ineffective.Been on brintellix for 3 months but 10mg cause nausea and vomiting that persisted.Fatigue and leg pain pretty much started 2 months ago,Did not connect them with brintellix.Today doc DISAGREED that there is any connection.Wants me to see my internist but did discontinue brintellix and gave me Rx for Cymbalta. Will see if this works.Will stay positive.

MeggieGirl 3 Sep 2015

OK, this is a good change. I am hopeful for you. Cymbalta really helps a lot of people. I myself was on it for about 7 years until my more recent switch to the Savella+Wellbutrin combo. You might see a lot of commercials out there for Cymbalta, talking about being used for body pain, so it is prescribed not only for depression but for people in pain, also.

You're going to save a lot of money if you get a generic form, so be sure to ask for that if you can. I spent many years paying huge amounts of money for Cymbalta while it was only a brand name available, then finally its' patent wore out, and 7 or 8 manufacturers came out with generics. What a relief - it became so much less expensive overnight.

lizardlace 29 Feb 2016

I take sertraline, and so far it is the best med i have had for the fatigue and muscle aches, cymbalta, lyrica, mirtazapine, amitriptyline and fluoxetine were all useless free discount card

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