Ok I am a 24 year old man and I have been on 2 ssri antidepressants prozac and escitalopram. I was on prozac for 3 years and escitalopram for a year. The only reason I stopped these antidepressants was because of the sexual side effects. Prozac made it impossible for me to get an erection and escitalopram made it impossible for me to get an erection or ejaculate. The problem is my mental health is a lot better on these drugs. Just recently the terrible anxiety and depression seems to be coming back. I literally feel like I'm going insane half the time. The thing is even though I feel a lot better on ssri antidepressants it makes me really depressed that I can't get an erection while I'm on them. I have tried different types of antidepressants that are not ssri's and anti anxiety medication and they only made my anxiety worse. It seems ssri's are the antidepressants that really help my mental health. I just don't know what to do?