I suffer from severe anxiety and ocd. I used to be on prozac for 3 years and even though that really helped my anxiety and ocd it caused me to have pretty much permanent sexual side effects. I ended up wanting to stop the prozac due to this. Not long after stopping the prozac I started developing severe anxiety again. Pretty much feeling anxious out my mind 90% of the time. I have been like this for over a year now. I tried another anti depressant called paroxetine/paxil. I was on that for over a month. But that actually caused worse sexual side effects than the prozac. So I ended up stopping taking it. I have tried a few SNRI anti depressants recently as well and even though they don't seem to cause the sexual side effects with me they made me feel extremely depressed and almost suicidal. I am on pregabalin at the moment. That doesn't cause the sexual side effects with me either. But I don't know if it's really helping my anxiety all that much. Some days I feel like it makes me feel more calm but a lot of other times I feel like the extreme dizziness, agitation, mood swings, muscle jerking side effects it causes me to have make me more anxious. I think I maybe need to be on an SSRI anti depressant for my anxiety and ocd. But I also don't want to live with permanent sexual side effects. Does anyone know any SSRI anti depressants less likely to cause sexual side effects in men?