... wanted to be even more protected so we hopped on birth control. It has been very good to me minus the occasional nausea. I was on birth control sronyx for 4 days (Wednesday) when the condom first broke on us ever. He didn't ejaculate yet and there was minimum to no pre ejaculation when we noticed the rip. He changed he condom immediately. I wasn't worried because my app says I was not expected to ovulate until Sunday. I didnt feel like plan B was necessary since doctors say you should use it once (maybe twice) in you life. What got me a little worried was when I heard that on the first 6 days the body might be a little sensitive to the birth control. Could something or anything have gotten up there in that little amount of time even though he wasnt leaking? I am now a week and 5 days in. Thoughts? Am I grasping at air?

Thanks much!