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I'm a 19 years old girl and I have been taking cymbalta for 6 months because I have fibromialgia?

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Inactive 20 Jul 2010

I am sorry you suffer from FM, so young... my mother does as well and she has been on Lyrica and the med has worked vey well for her.

Can you please be more specific regarding your question please?, so we can try to help you.

What you need to know.
Side effects
What you are experiencing
Everything that is relevant

Thank you.

Inactive 21 Jul 2010

Hi cr 22,

I truly want to help you.

Neurologist an Rheumatologist are the doctors who specialize in the treatment of FM.

Fibromyalgia (FM) can be triggered (or made worse) by a number of different factors, such as:

Lack of exercise
Lack of sleep or sleep disturbances
Extremes of temperature and/ or humidity
Infectious illness.

The cause or causes of fibromyalgia are not known.

The suggested causes include:

Immune system problems - Certain immunologic abnormalities are common among people with fibromyalgia. Some suggest that FM is the result of toxins accumulating in the muscles from lactic acid build-up.

Physically Unfit Muscles

sr 22 22 Jul 2010

Thanks a lot for the information , thank you for the help i really need it!

Inactive 22 Jul 2010

Anytime you wnat my young friend.

Inactive 21 Jul 2010

I am sorry you have to have hurt at such a young age. It's hard to understand why you got picked to suffer, and a pain that others can't understand how much you hurt. We at this web sight do understand pain and how it can drag you down.

It's strange in a way, just how much pain a your body can handle, and If you can get a good Psychologist it helps a lot. one who is trained and can help you deal with pain and the emotional part that comes with it. Which is the last turn in the circle of dealing with pain. I don't have fibromialgia, but work for years with a woman who had it. I have read that a lot of doctors now see Cymbalta as something good to give to depressed people who also have somatic (physical [pain]) complaints. I wish you well my friend and feel free to ask questions here.

christineATU 21 Jul 2010

If you are asking why would an anti depressant be prescribed for pain, all I can say is it's a known fact certain ones like Lyrica that Maso mentioned, really do work on nerve pain. Cymbalta is one of them. If we misunderstood your question, please let us know so we can try to help you out. I agree very much with Bucky. You are way to young to suffer with this condition! Stay strong and remember, it takes time for these meds to start working.

My best wishes,
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