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What does SR mean refereeing to Morphine?

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kaismama 31 Oct 2012

Sustained release. It is a time release pill.

Buddy1971 1 Nov 2012

Yeah she's dead on but I thought I'd just add that you might also se E.R(extended release). I don't know why sometimes they call S.R & othertimes E.R but they are both the same & since we're on the subject you might also see I.R(Imidiate release) but I've also seen some I.R's that stands for instant release & the only time I've seen that is in Mophine 15mg & 30mg that look like nitroglyserine tablets for heart patients. They dissolve so fast with very little liquid & you put them under your tounge,I believe it's called subcuntanious but I've also heard that term used when you have an injection just under your skin like when you get a T.B test. I may be wrong & if I am maybe someone will correct it for me & if I'm wrong give the right term. I know you got your answer from the first tester but I thought I'd go a little further just for added info. Also even though the immediate release are called immediate release the instant release give you relief a lot faster because for one they disolve so fast but also under your tounge I believe is a mucus membrane & it is absorbed much quicker where as the immidiate release have to go into your stomach,be dissolved & metabolized before they get into your bloodstream where as the ones under your tounge get into your system much,much quicker because as in the case of the nitro & your having a heart attack you deffenetly want it in there fast concidering your life might depend on it. Plus if your in a lot of pain I imagine the person in pain wants to be out of pain as fast you can that's why you get an injection innthe hospital but that's not practical in your home. Hope this helps or gives people some info they might find useful.

kaismama 1 Nov 2012

sub cutaneous is under the skin, sub linqual is under the tongue. free discount card

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