This is my first month on Sprintec. I was told I could start any time, so I started the Sunday after I got the pack. I'm just about to the end of the three weeks of active pills and am supposed to be on the white pills next week, but I started my period the 20th (about the normal time). Should I take the white pills as normal next week, or should I pick up a pack and skip the white? If I take the white, do I need to use an alternate form of birth control?

Also, I have read about many side effects, but, as this is my first time on the pill, it is wreaking havoc a bit. I've experienced extreme fluctuations in my breast tissue, lots of bloating, worsened acne, mood changes, and my period has been incredibly heavy with excessive pain. The severity of my cramps has been such that I became physically ill for an entire day and have not been able to function much. I know that periods are expected to be irregular, but is that severity something that is to be expected? I know that the body has an adjustment period and everyone reacts differently, but this has been awful thus far.