I'm 18 and this is my first time ever on BC. I'm not sexual active I was placed on it for my heavy and painful periods. This is my first week on sprintec, today I forgot to take pill at 8:00 so I took it at 12:30 I noticed that my period was light and normal without any cramping throughout the day (usually happens around my 4 day i'm now on my 5th) anyways I noticed after I took my pill that my period got super heavy to the point where i'm in the bathroom every 30 minutes changing my tampon because it's so heavy. Did this happen to anyone else? I know my body needs time to get use to the BC but at this point in my period i'm usually super light and don't have cramps and if I do there not this extreme. ): I don't know what to do.. I feel like I should just stop taking them but it is only my first week.