I've been on birth control since november. I was first put on Beyaz for the first month, then because my doctor had heard bad things about it she made me switch to Lo Loestrin Fe. I finished the pack of Beyaz and started lo loestrin fe right away. Lo Loestrin Fe began to give me bad side affects I was on that for two months and than my doctor switched me to sprintec. Again, right after i finished lo loestrin i started right away with sprintec. Last friday night i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, he did not finish inside me but i have not missed one pill or anything like that. I got so paranoid that i took plan b with 34 hours left. My questions are... Was i technically protected all 5 months i was on BC even though i switched? Next, I had just started the third pack of sprintec a few days before friday, what are the chances of me being pregnant? Thanks to whoever helps!