I'm on my second pack of just active pills and I started spotting light brown earlier this week on Tuesday. It's Saturday now and it's red and more like a normal period. I have bad periods so my doctor told me it's okay to skip the inactive pills that way I get my period every two months. Been doing that over a year and period always came when it was supposed to. I did miss a pill last week but I remembered the next day and took 2. Next weekend I have a trip to Florida for the weekend and It would be really bad to have my period for that time. Should I stop taking the active pills to let my period finish before my trip? Or do I continue taking the pack like I'm supposed to? And if I continue taking the active pills will I still be bleeding when next weekend gets here? Because I would hate to have my period during a vacation. Thank you so much! This has never happened so I don't know what to do